International Buddhist Studies College (IBSC)

  • Announcement of Regulations for Registration
    Fee on Graduation Ceremony, Commencement Rehearsal
    and Commencement Exercise 2018.

A Writing Manual of Academic Works  (English Version)

  • Program Overview for Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies

  • Program Overview for Doctor of Philosophy in Peace Studies

  • Program Overview For Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies

  • Program Overview for Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies

  • Undergraduate Application Requirements

  • Master Programs Application Requirements

  • Doctoral study Application Requirements

  • IBSC English language requirements

  • JIBSC Subscription Request Form

  • 5 steps for graduate

  • Student Manual

  • Application Form

  • Example of Dissertation Proposal

  • JIBSC Submission Form

  • JIBSC Cover letter

  • JIABU Subscription Request Form

  • JIABU Submission Form

  • JIABU Cover letter

  • A Writing Manual of Academic Works (Thai Version)

A Writing Manual of Academic Works  (Thai Version)

  • Pali-English Chanting Book

  • Template-Research Article

  • A Writing Manual of Academic Works (English Version)


  • Form 1 Candidate’s Examination ID card

  • Form 2 for Furthering Education in Postgraduate Level

  • Form 3 Student Registrar

  • Form 4 Absence Request Form

  • Form 6 General_Requet form

  • Form 8 Application Form Concerning a Title of Thesis proposal,
    Thesis, Dissertation, Thematic Paper

  • Form 8.1 Submission Form of Dissertation Proposal

  • Form 9 App. Form for Dissertation,Thematic Paper Registration

  • Form 12 Submission form of Complete Dissertation/Thesis/Thematic Paper

  • Form 13 Request Form for Having Evaluation and Graduation

  • Form 15 Request Form for Extending Study Time

  • Form 16 Form of Dissertation Progress Reporting

  • Form 17 Petition Form for Student Status Maintenance

  • Form 21.1 Application Form for Insight Meditation Practice

  • Form 21 Insight Meditation Practice Evaluation Form

  • Form 22 Registration Form for Ph.D. Student’s Test of English Knowledge

  • Form 23 Request Form for the Postponement of Tuition and Fee Payments

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