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IBSC is a world class Buddhist Research and education facility

at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) Thailand.



Process of Book Review Evaluation Examination

IBSC Graduate student who would like to take the Book Review Evaluation examination please download forms at and click topic Form 8 Application Form Concerning a Title of Thesis proposal, Thesis, Dissertation, Thematic Paper, Article, Book Review.
IBSC Monthly Exams require students to submit their Book Review within Day 1-15 of the month so the end of the month can be Examination all year round.
Then follow the procedure:
  1. Students fill out Form 8 (and endorsed by advisor) with 6 copies of the Book Review 
  2. Students submit documents and 6 copies of the Book Review to the Examination Office within Day 1-15 of the month before the examination date at the end of the month.
  3. After finish the Book Review Exam, committees probably suggest students change the Book Review title or contents by correcting new titles by pen and endorse on the Book Review, then students need to revise and correct the Book Review within one month after the exam.
  4. After finishing the exam, students submit four copies of the completed Book Review and Form 8.1 Submission Form of Book Review to the administrative office within the deadline and wait for approval of the Book Review from the MCU Graduate School about two weeks.
  5. Students can see the approval of the Book Review at the administrative office about two weeks after submitted the revised Book Review
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