Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanu Mahathanadull

Vice-director for Foreign Affairs

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Mahatthanadull, Sanu, Ph.D.

He is a Lecturer in Buddhist Studies, and also held a position as Vice-director of International Buddhist Studies College (IBSC), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.



B.A. (Advertising), M.A. (Buddhist Studies), Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies).



Theravāda Buddhism; Integrated Buddhism; Buddhist Physiology; Buddhist Biology; Buddhist Ecology; Multidisciplinary Studies. RESEARCH PROJECTS: 2014-Buddhist Biology: Systemic Relation of Life and Environment, and the Creation of Supportive Factors for Development of Life According to the Seven Suitable (Sappāya) (Thai Version); 2015-The Five Precepts: A Criterion and the Promotion of Individual and Social Peace (Thai Version); 2016-A Study of the Holistic Health Promotion for Balanced Living according to Buddhist Psychology; 2016-The Promotion of Emotional Strength of Professional Nurses : The Buddhist Principle and Ideal (Thai Version); 2016-The Integrated Buddhist Psychology: the Model and Process for Promotion Holistic Health of Families and Society (Thai Version); 2017-Human Behaviors in Promoting Balance of Family according to Buddhist Psychology; 2017-A Conceptual Model of Bi-dimensional Development for Happiness Access by Biofeedback Process; 2018-Development of Plasma Generator Improving Titanium Alloys Surface for Biomedical Applications (Thai Version); 2020-Bliss (Sukha) Access: An Integrated Method between Buddhist Concentration and Biofeedback Training Program to Enhance the Meditation Progress of the Practitioners (on process); 2021-The Development of Thought System Based on Buddhist Approach in 21st Century (on process).

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