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Announcement of Admission Results (BA First Round)

Document Requirements

1. A copy of the certificate and an official transcript of high school

2. A copy of House Registration and Identity Card (for Thai candidates).

3. A copy of Identity Card (for lay candidates) or Suddhipatta (for Bhikkhu, Bhikkhuni, Samanera, and Samaneri).

4. A copy of passport and visa (for foreign candidates).

5. Others (if any) such as a copy of name/surname change certificates.

6. 1.5-inch size photo for three pieces.

7. English requirement.

8. Letter of recommendation from a person who can comment on the candidate’s ability to complete the undergraduate program.

9. Letter of motivation written by the candidate. An appropriate length is one page.

10. Curriculum vitae or resume.

11. Medical certificate.

12. COVID-19 medical certificate.

13. Criminal Record.


Please send all documents via

Deadline: 7 June, 2020


Tuition Fee Payment and Document for Visa

The details of the tuition fee payment and MCU official document for Visa will be sent directly to your email after this registration period.


Dormitory Reservation

The request form will be sent directly to your email after the tuition fee payment.

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