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“Global Friendship, Global Mindset”

Updated: Oct 20

In the auspicious formula, the Lord Buddha addressed the lingering question of the celestial beings, asking what the highest blessing is. The Buddha emphasized from the very first sentence not to associate with the foolish but to befriend and honor the community of graduates and to respect and revere individuals who serve as role models, using them as examples for personal development.

Following the teachings of the most venerable. Prof. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit from Thailand to Singapore or any other country, what is gained is “spirituality” from numerous graduates, including high-level religious leaders from various sects, both monastic and lay, who have extensive experience in serving humanity.

20 years ago, the venerable monk once imparted wisdom, saying, “Do not have a narrow mind while doing great work.” In essence, when working on a global scale, one’s mind should be open and not confined. Don’t be someone with a closed and self-centered mentality, interested only in oneself or one’s own group. Instead, seek out graduates to collaborate with and enhance the propagation of the Buddha’s teachings, the international edition of the Tripitaka, and the translation of the Tripitaka from Pali to English. This serves as a significant example reflecting this mindset.

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